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A Romantic beach chic wedding
Which one of you have ever harbored the secret wish of finding yourself the sole inhabitant of a beautiful tropical island? enveloped by the beauty and purity of nature, lulled only by the gentle sound of ocean waves breaking on the beach. What about imagine yourself in a secret romantic, private hideaway, a real barefoot paradise spoiled and pampered, just relaxing  in the exclusivity of your own stretch of beachfront. If you wish to make your dream come true, Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola and &Beyond, will write a fairytale for each one of you, and then, as if by magic, making it become wonderful reality. For your fairytale beach-chic island wedding, we’ll focus on the infinite shades of the ocean and sunset, every detail will have to merge with it and be in perfect harmony.
Now … Inspire your dream and fall in love with this romantic swoonworthy beach-chic wedding of Jennifer, 29 working in sales and her Husband Ben, Manager of a real estate group, who decided to treat themselves with once in a lifetime dream, a fairytale wedding just for two. Their dream has started from the first moment they set foot on this award-winning barefoot beach paradise, allowing themselves a few days of Relax and unwind before coming at the so thrilling moment , the fateful " “yes".
Surprise in Surprise, our young bride-to-be and groom-to-be, arrived on the island in the period in which you can see the turtle eggs hatching ( a secret that will share with everyone wish to celebrate a very special occasion in this paradise ) the new-born turtles like by magic head instinctively towards the ocean, to start their new life, just like a life together is about to begin for Jennifer and Ben.
The long awaited moment finally arrived, the bride excited on the beach, spend some time to relax, having fun, downloading tension, before reaching her future husband, ready to welcome her at the ceremony location, so thoughtful, caring not to make her dress wet. Soon they will be Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs.
Meanwhile in different corners of the island, little surprises have being prepared for the newlyweds, table setup for dinner, the wedding cake and bubbles for the toast...
And the next day, the magic continues ...
A bed made up on the beach to see the sun rise for the first time as husband and wife...
Strawberry and bubbles breakfast, as good wish of eternal love.
a romantic tour to explore the island and its inhabitants …
A dip in the crystal clear waters hand in hand …
The meetings with the Islanders continue …
As well as small surprises for our newlyweds, a romantic dinner specially made and set up for them
Venue: &Beyond Menmba Island lodge
Photo:  &Beyond
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