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Antique Carriages, Vintage Cars and Bare Feet
To surprise your guests by making an entrance they’ll always remember, there are no limits to the imagination – it just depends on where you choose to have your day and your fairytale wedding. Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola have envisioned you arriving in: a wooden motorboat from the 60s adorned with flowers, an antique carriage drawn by two white horses, or a vintage car with uniformed chauffeur standing ready to open the car door and help our bride in her fairytale Princess dress get out ...
But remember, dear friends, if you decide to get married in a private island, you will also be able to walk down the “aisle” (a long carpet covered in rose petals) barefoot.
In any case, the departure of the happy couple after the reception in the vehicle of their choice is surely one of the most memorable elements of a wedding. Whether your tastes are more traditional and geared toward a vintage car, or you want something slightly more eccentric like colorful cans tied to the back of your vehicle, a sidecar, a safari jeep, a gondola, a tandem bike, a hot air balloon, or the timeless Fiat 500, our staff can provide you with your desired means of transportation.
 photo courtesy of Filippo Brunelli
Moreover, for all couples who need to hire a van complete with driver to transfer their guests to and from all destinations, whether hotels, airports, ports or railway stations, and for those who require a transport service to the departure point for their honeymoon and a pick-up on their return, Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola has partnerships with the best professionals in the field.
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