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Iconic and Ironic Tiaras
We start from the fact that for us all our brides-to-be are princesses, no matter what your style is, for each one of you we’ll write a fairytale, and then, as if by magic, making it become wonderful reality. So if you feeling like a Princess, the one you’ve dreamed about watching the Royal wedding, or why not a Disney Princess, and you wish to wear a Tiara, just go for it, wear it with elegance, class and aloofness and be proud of it.  You may use it as stand-alone hairdressing accessories, or as useful and valuable complements to hold the wedding veil in place. Either way, you will experience the thrill of being the most beautiful creature to cross the threshold of a stately manor or an ancient abbey.
The original antique tiaras of Pennisi jewellery
You can lose track of time shopping in an antique jewellery, I must admit it … I’m addicted to antique jewelry, looking for an original vintage tiara, close your eyes and inspire your dream of being a Fairytale princess in a stunning ball gown wedding dress, wearing a real crown, and now open your eyes and find yourself inside Pennisi jewellery, trying one of the following showpieces:
A silver topped yellow gold and diamond tiara convertible into a necklace. England, late 19th century.
A georgian yellow gold tiara with old-cut diamonds. 1820 c.a.
A yellow gold and silver tiara with old-cut diamonds and natural pearls. In original fitted box with a baronal crown. France, XIX century.
A yellow gold and amethyst parure composed of one necklace, two bracelets, one brooch, a tiara and a pair of earrings. France, around 1820. In original leather box bearing the word “Amethyst”.
Photos and captions courtesy of Pennisi Gioielli - www.gioielleriapennisi.it
Tailor-made tiaras of Ansuini jewellery
You can also create your own tiara, authentic masterpieces of fine jewelry, like the one designed, by Ansuini High Jewelry, for the marriage of an Italian princess with an English nobleman, celebrated last year, it’s Handmade in white gold 18 K and sterling silver, with old fashioned cut diamonds, baroque australian pearls and citrines, the tiara can be divided into three parts: in the center there is the ornament that can be detached and worn as a necklace or as a simple pendant, on both sides there are two pins.
Photo and caption courtesy of  Ansuini High Jewelry - www.ansuini.it
Movie wedding inspirations
Or you can simply find one in a bridal boutique, a modern tiara adorned with crystals, pearls, with a traditional or contemporary design.
Now have fun and Inspire your Dream, with movie wedding ideas on how to wear a tiara.
Let’s start with a timeless icon of pure natural elegance, Audrey Hepburn, and her most famous movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, in this movie she wears a rhinestone ‘diamond’ tiara in the  opening scene of the movie, 6 A.M. coming back from a party, she has “breakfast at tiffany’s” with a travelling cappuccino and croissant. Later on in the movie she wears another rhinestone pink  “diamond” tiara with natural elegance.
 Breakfast at Tiffany’s - Photo from the movie
 Photo from the movie - The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
War and Peace - Photo from the movie
War and Peace - Photo from the book Audrey Hepburn "Museo Salvatore Ferragamo"
Mirror Mirror (2012) - The evil and powerful sorceress (Julia Roberts) and Snow White (Lily Collins) - Photo from the movie
The Glamorous Embassy Ball scene of My Fair Lady is an authentic catwalk of tiaras masterpieces - Photo from the movie
Enchanted - Photo from the movie
In Funny face Audrey Hepburn wears a Cartier Necklace as a Tiara - Photo from the movie
Disney Princess Tiana - Photo from the movie
Her Highness and the Bellboy - Photo form the movie
Princess Aurora Disney - Photo from the movie
 Roman Holiday - Photo from the movie
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