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Love Song Inspirations For aFairytale Wedding First Dance
My first love since I was a little girl it was dancing, ballet, jazz, modern and Contemporary dance, as a natural result every moment of my life has been influenced by music. I listen to any kind of music from classical to jazz, from pop to rock, via tango, rumba and salsa. In spite of my job as Destination Wedding Specialist that requires keeping an elegant and law profile, unseen behind the scenes, but always in control of what is happening, when I hear a song that I like, I struggle to keep myself  from go wild in the dances.
I love the moment when the newlyweds, hesitant, excited, hand in hand, officially open the dance with their first dance as husband and wife. I started to think and create my own “Unconventional” love songs playlist, as they came to my mind, fitting for a wedding dance opening.
The lights are dimmed and create a romantic, magical atmosphere; anticipation grows, the excitement of everyone in the room is almost palpable, the eyes of every guest are turned toward the newlyweds as they wait their song to be played, they have eyes only for each other, in front of them a new life together begins, full of possibilities and surprises.
The first song ever that came to my mind, is an unplugged version of Can't Help Falling In Love of Elvis Elvis Presley and sung by Bono, at the end of live concert, It was 1993 and for the first time U2 were playing in Italy, the very first date in Italy. In that magical night, when I heard that song, my first thought was to dance in close embrace with the man with whom I would share the rest of my life… and I had not yet met.
Inspiring Lyrics: “Like a river flows, Surely to the sea, Darling so it goes, Some things are meant to be, Take my hand, Take my whole life too, For I can't help falling in love with you…”
 Youtube video uploaded by jeffe36
The second song, another of U2’s, is a rock ballad, One, while I am writing it, I begin to smile thinking at the Edge and Bono in many interviews saying “People play this song at their weddings, but are they listening to words?  But if I had to choose only one song as the best song and share it with the man I love, that song would be One.
Inspiring Lyrics “Love is a temple, Love a higher law”  “One love, One blood, One life”
Music video by U2 performing One (C) 2006 Universal-Island Records Limited
The next three songs are a tribute in honor to three great voices that have left us:
Be My wife, a rock song, a prayer addressed to the woman he loved, sung by David Bowie.
Inspiring Lyrics “Please be mine, Share my life, Stay with me, Be my wife” .
Which woman, which bride-to-be wouldn’t want to hear those sweet words. 
Youtube video uploaded by theMusicofmyLife1
Our Day Will Come, from the unique and unmistakable voice of Amy Winehouse, a moving song as a reminder of her incredible talent.
Inspiring Lyrics ““Our day will come, And we'll have everything, We'll share the joy, Falling in love can bring”
Music video by Amy Winehouse performing Our Day Will Come: Amy Winehouse Tribute. (C) 2011 Lioness Records Ltd, under exclusive licence to Universal-Island Records Ltd.
And finally, how can we forget the powerful voice of Whitney Houston, and the romantic, legendary I Will Always Love You, from the movie The Bodyguard, reinterpretation of an original song by Dolly Parton.
Inspiring lyrics “I'll think of you every step of the way, And I... will always love you”.
Whitney Houston's official music video on youtube
For newlyweds who prefer to open the dances with rhythms and more sensual movements, Tango, Rumba, Salsa, slow Latin rhythms:
Easy Virtue Tango by Sophie Solomon, wonderfully danced by Colin Firth and Jessica Biel, enveloped in the evocative rarefied atmospheres of parties that were held by the high society in the fabulous' 20s, perfect as inspiration for a wedding theme.
Youtube video uploaded by aSortOfHumanKind
A slow, sensuous, romantic rumba, in its original version, sung by Gloria Estefan, I’m not giving you up.
Inspiring lyrics “We'll find a way to be together However long it takes, wherever”.
Youtube video uploaded by SunshineCreations69
And finally a passionate love song, authentic fusion of sensuality and sweetness, the story of the unconditional love that a woman has for her boyfriend, Underneath Your Clothes by the talented Colombian songwriter Shakira.
Inspiring lyrics “Underneath Your Clothes, There's an endless story, There's the man I chose”
Shakira's official music video for 'Underneath Your Clothes on youtube
The next song is one of my favorite, Hard to Concentrate by Red Hot Chili Peppers, a real wedding song about finding that only person with whom sharing the rest of your life. I hope to remember well from some interview to the band, this song was written by Anthony Kiedis for his friend Flea as a sort of wedding proposal or wedding gift. 
Inspiring lyrics “All I want is for you to be happy and, Take this woman and make you my family and, Finally you have found someone perfect and, Finally you have found... yourself”.
Youtube video uploaded by lasterixI
The names that have made the history of rock and pop:
Crazy Little Thing Called Love, by Queen and written by Freddie Mercury, how we can forget his peculiar four-octave vocal range and his striking presence on stage?   
Inspiring lyrics “I kinda like it, Crazy little thing called love, She drives me crazy, She gives me hot and cold fever, Then she leaves me in a cool cool sweat, this thing called love I must get round to it”.
 Youtube video uploaded by Queen Forever

The English rock band Oasis, with one of their most famous epitome song, Wonderwall, written by Noel Gallagher. 

Inspiring lyrics “I don't believe that anybody, Feels the way I do About you now, I said maybe You're gonna be the one that saves me, And after all, You're my wonderwall”.

Music video by Oasis performing Wonderwall. (C) 1995 Big Brother Recordings Limited
The English musician Elton John, with one first big hits, maybe his most famous song, is a wonderful ballad, naturally I’m talking about  Your song, a very romantic love song able to envelop the newlyweds ( and all the couples of course)  in a wonderful loving torpor dancing as the first time as husband and wife.
Inspiring lyrics: “And you can tell everybody this is your song, It may be quite simple but now that it's done, I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words, How wonderful life is while you're in the world”.
Music video by Elton John performing Your Song. (C) 2007 Mercury Records Limited
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