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The History and Custom of Wedding Favors
In recent times, the wedding favor has tended to take the form of a small container, often made of a precious material, used as a symbol of gratitude the newlyweds offer to the people invited to the ceremony. These tokens are often an expression of good wishes or are supposed to bring luck, and always serve as a reminder of the wedding day.
In Italy, from the 15th-century onward, the betrothed gave his wife-to-be a small “sugared-almond box”. It was also customary for the future husband to give his betrothed a “cup of love”, which was usually a ceramic dish holding a number of small cakes, with a female face or pregnant rabbit painted on it. These were clearly symbols of good wishes for a fertile marriage. On the occasion of their betrothal, the pair of lovers drank from the same “cup of love” and this act was considered auspicious for a fruitful and happy marriage.
In 16th-century England, “sweetmeat boxes” were used. These were small sugared-almond containers, often made of precious materials like silver and gold and set with cut glass or gemstones. It seems that at the turn of each year, Queen Elizabeth I received a large number of these boxes as a wish for a prosperous coming year. These kinds of small jeweled boxes were jealously hoarded by the ladies who received them as gifts.
In France, at the court of the Sun King, Louis XIV, the custom of giving very precious and valuable favors became widespread. The value of these keepsakes lay in both the techniques and materials used, such as mother-of-pearl, ivory, enamel and gold. The use of the term “bonbonnière” for these tokens seems to have originated in the 18th-century, derived from the French word “bonbonnière” used to indicate the precious little box of sweets, or “bonbons”. The tradition of giving small favors has lasted over the centuries – passing through Napoleon in the early 19th-century, who gave them to his favorites as a sign of gratitude – to the present day, where the favor is associated with the most important events of our lives.
Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola, Wedding Favor Ideas
Tasty Wedding Favors
Dear friends, to thank your guests for coming and for the love they will show you during your wedding, you can opt for something delicious – perhaps one of the many excellent Italian food and wine specialties – or for a unique souvenir of exquisite local handicrafts in the case of an African or Indian wedding.
Something Sweet
Cookies, cupcakes, candies and chocolates, wrapped in organdy or placed in small glass jars or transparent boxes, become authentic delicacies. Jars of honey and jam in the most refined taste and decorated with imagination and distinction are also well appreciated.
Something Savory
In skillfully packaged wedding favors (and if necessary in containers suitable for preserving), we can put precious truffles, excellent caviar, delicious porcini mushrooms, rare spices, delicious paté de foie gras, protected-appellation extra-virgin olive oils (plain or flavored), balsamic vinegar, precious salt from exotic lands ... there are no limits to the imagination. For a country-style or informal wedding, we can propose excellent products such as vegetable sauces and olives (stuffed or in oil).
Dear friends, Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola suggests you make up both sweet and savory favors, to be sure that your guests can freely select the gift that's most to their liking. Everything will be personalized and wrapped in silk, tulle and organza, decorated with flowers and accompanied by your selections of the ever-popular sugared almonds.
A Bottle is Always Appreciated
As a gift primarily for your male guests, a bottle of excellent wine chosen by you from our impressive selection is always appreciated. The bottles may be customized with your personal wedding label and a brand created especially for you. For the ladies, mini bottles of rosé sparkling wines are a welcome surprise as wedding favors; you can choose between Champagne, Prosecco and other bubblies.
Green Wedding Favors
In recent years, in addition to being chic there has been a growing trend for choosing “green” wedding favors. Nature always arouses a lot of emotions, from its colors to its delicate perfumes; it’s a symbol of life and rebirth as well as being positive energy, like the love between two people. Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola suggests making up packages of cactus plants, herbs, seedlings and candles. Of course to be “green” everything will have to be produced from natural materials.
Jewelry Wedding Favors
Jewelry favors are an elegant idea mainly dedicated to the ladies. Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola has a number of suggestions that will surely please the women invited to attend your wedding: a pendant or a bracelet made of precious stones, a simple single pearl to be placed on the décolletage, a cut-glass brooch, or charms for bracelets, watches and handbags. These small, precious objects will remind your special guests of you and your fairytale wedding every time they wear them.
Charity Wedding Favors
Another growing trend is that of giving charity favors, which span different areas, such as helping a distance child adoption, donating to a safe house that assists women in need, or helping research associations in the field of science and medicine.
Fairytale Weddings and Matrimoni da Favola has always supported charity projects and promotes charity favors, because in our humble opinion they remain an indelible memory, giving the opportunity to transform a moment of private love into a gesture of joy and selflessness in favor of the most vulnerable and unfortunate among us.
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